Events & Courses

Welcome to the special events and courses page! Here you will find details of upcoming special events and details for various courses that are being offered through the coming months. Have a peek! If you see something you like, be sure to contact me about registration. Most of these events have limited spaces available, so you will want to register sooner rather than later. -K-

Live Blood Analysis & Food Intolerance Testing

Clinic Days

2019 Schedule

We are thrilled to welcome back Jennifer Roit of Focused Health for a series of clinic days for 2019. Live Blood & Food Intolerance testing will be available for each clinic.

Our clinics with Jennifer are quite popular and tend to sell out very quickly. Please see below for scheduled dates and contact Kim ASAP to reserve your spots.

** Pre-Registration is required. **

Saturdays | 10:30am – 4:30pm

$65 for Live Blood Analysis only | $100 Food Intolerance Analysis only

$150 for Live Blood & Food Intolerance combo

Sept 28th | Nov 16th

~ ~ ~

PELVIC HEALTH – Mini Retreat Day with Mel B

Saturday, November 2nd | 10:30 am – 3pm | Investment: $100

To reserve your spot in this workshop, email Kim :

In this empowering 4-hour workshop Melanie will show you how to activate and relax your true core (diaphragm, pelvic floor, transverse abdominis and multifidus) so they work in synergy to serve you. Pelvic health issues are common, but that doesn’t mean they are normal. Let’s stop suffering in silence. Join us for an informative and interactive session using breath, movement and alignment to connect with a greater awareness of the pelvic floor.

Men and women of all ages are welcome to attend. We talk about how pelvic health yoga can help with:

Urinary urgency/frequency  |  Incontinence (urinary and fecal)  |  Constipation  |  Painful intercourse and, or sexual dysfunction  |  Interstitial cystitis  |  Chromic prostatitis  | Chromic prostatitis  |  Endometriosis  |  Irritable Bowel Syndrome  |  Issues with pregnancy or postpartum recovery  |  Scar tissues  |  Prolapse of bladder, bowel or uterus  |  Infertility  | Back or hip pain  |  Diastasis of the rectus abdominus

About Melanie:

Melanie loves talking all things pelvic health so much it’s infectious – or really annoying, it all depends on where you’re sitting.  She can’t seem to stop herself from learning and sharing details about the vast subject of pelvic health. Melanie has studied many different styles of yoga, but really she just teaches awareness of sensation, intuitive movement and finding what feels good in every body. She tries to keep  her offerings light hearted, laughs at herself and may have you doing something silly in class like neighing while in rocking horse.  She loves working with pregnant, and new mamas, helping them to find more balance in their life through yoga, mindfulness and self-care. Melanie is a cool teacher who cares a lot about her students. When she asks at the start of a class how you are doing today – she really wants to know, how are you really feeling right now.