What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient form of energy work where the practitioner directs the Universal Energy, life force, (Chi, Qi, Ki) through the client. This direction of energy can be done through gentle touch, or a hands off approach, (at the clients discretion). Reiki has been known to help with stress reduction and may also have healing benefits associated with it as well.


Reiki has been a part of my life for quite sometime. In 2011 I was attuned to the level 1 aspect of Reiki. In August 2015 I was called back to the practice and received my level 2 attunement. In October of 2016, I completed my year long advanced studies to become a Reiki Master.

Reiki sessions are currently offered during the week and occasionally on the weekend, as my schedule permits.

Rate per session

1 hr session:  $90 – Client lays on the Reiki table

3x 1 hr sessions: $215 – it is recommended that multiple reiki sessions are done at intervals for the healing benefits to be truly noticed. Pre-pay for 3 x 1hr sessions and SAVE!

30 mins Mini Energy Clearing  – Chakra Balancing:  $50 – Client seated in a chair or laying on the Reiki table (clients discretion)


A few times a year I offer group Reiki level 1 trainings.  I also try to offer at least one Reiki level 2 course for those that are ready to advance their practice and offerings.


Reiki Level 1 is where the groundwork for practice is laid. Our day together will include the following:

  • History of Reiki
  • Intro to Subtle Energy Anatomy (Chakras)
  • Reiki Level 1 attunement
  • Learning hand positions for self-Reiki and Reiki for others
  • Practice session(s)

Investment $225 (includes manual)

Registration limited to 6 participants max.


Build on the foundations of Reiki Level 1 with this Level 2 course.

You’ve completed your Reiki Level 1 and you’re now feeling like it’s time to expand the practice more for yourself and perhaps with the hope to work on others. In this Level 2 offering you will receive the following:

– Review of the principles & foundations of Reiki
– Subtle Energy Anatomy
– Reiki Level 2 attunment
– Symbols for Reiki Level 2
– Learning to use symbols in practice (live student)

Manual included. Ongoing support provided after course work if desired.

Investment: $225

Registration limited to 6 participants max.

Please contact me to arrange attunement and training in either level. I am happy to do one on one training sessions.

To book, please message me through with “Reiki” as part of your message?

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